Timesharing & Visitation


times2When it comes to couples with children, child custody and timesharing/visitation decisions are usually pretty major aspects of the divorce and paternity actions. Typically, during a divorce in Florida, timesharing/visitation agreements are one of the items that need to be decided upon if the couple has children. These same timesharingagreements are utilized in paternity actions as well. Attorney Hughes at Hughes Law Group strives to assist her clients in determining timesharing/visitation schedules that are in the best interest of the children while still serving our client’s needs. Regardless if your timesharing/visitation matters are within the context of divorce or a paternity action, here are some of the ways Attorney Hughes can help:

  • Since we are seasoned in working in this area of family law, our firm can help you achieve a cost effective, timely solution
  • We assist our clients to resolve timesharing/visitation matters through negotiation and mediation
  • We know how time sharing/visitation is determined and how that may impact your current situation

time1Typically when going through a divorce or paternity action, child timesharing/visitation agreements are made and agreed upon by both of the parents. Once these timesharing/visitation agreements are made, it is important to adhere to these agreements. If these agreements are not followed, they could be grounds for reevaluation or modification of child custody. With every aspect of your case Attorney Hughes is here and ready to fight for you and your child’s best interests.


Due to the complexity of the Florida child timesharing/visitation laws, questions may arise. At Hughes Law Group, we are ready to answer any questions since we have navigated through these laws for years and are extremely familiar with them.

If you are looking for a family lawyer who is competent and ready to support you and your case, then hiring Hughes Law Group in Tampa and New Port Richey is in your best interest. Learn more by contacting us today about timesharing visitation.