Modification of Child Support

MODIFICATION OF CHILD SUPPORT FLORIDA:modification-child-support-hlg-2

Both spouses should be responsible for the ever-changing financial needs their children have as they get older. The basis for a modification of child support can only occur if there is a substantial change of circumstances since the divorce or the entry of the last order addressing child support. At Hughes Law Group we know that:

  • The child’s well-being is the most important factor when it comes to child support and if modification is needed, then Allyson Hughes, our child support lawyer is ready to protect your child’s rights.
  • Obtaining a modification of child support Florida isn’t a simple task. Our law office has dealt with numerous cases involving child support modifications.
  • Our highly experienced child support lawyer, Allyson Hughes at Hughes Law Group is here to guide you through this sometimes confusing process.
  • It’s important to calculate the right amount of child support and correctly consider the proper amounts of income and deductions from both parents.



Both of the child’s parents have the ability to file for a request of modification of child support in the state of Florida. The process of obtaining a change in a child support agreement involves filing paperwork and petitioning the court to review modification requests to the original settlement. Attorney Hughes and the Hughes Law Group are experienced in filing this paperwork and petitioning the courts.

If you or your ex-spouse have experienced a major change in job status or a financial situation, it is important to speak to a child support lawyer as soon as possible. Contact Attorney Hughes, our child support lawyer, to discuss and review your current child support situation.  Our team of experts in Tampa and New Port Richey are here to support you.