Modification of Alimony



In the state of Florida, certain types of alimony are subject to modification. It may take a careful review of your divorce order or agreement by a skilled attorney to help you identify whether your alimony is modifiable. Allyson Hughes, the Hughes Law Groupalimony lawyer, is here to help review the necessary documents and advise you whether adjustments to your alimony are available and commence the process so that it goes as quickly as possible. There are many aspects that go into alimony modification and Attorney Hughes is here to explain in detail to you. When it comes to alimony modification, Section 61.14 of the Florida statute states:

  • After alimony is awarded, either party may ask the court for modification. Modification can only be made if the financial abilities or circumstances change.
  • The court may reduce or terminate alimony if a supportive relationship is found between the recipient and a person they reside with.
  • Changes must be substantial, and the court will look to both sides to determine an increase or decrease in alimony payments.

As the years go on, sometimes it is necessary to adjust alimony. Alimony adjustments are based on a change of circumstances of either of the parties. Attorney Hughes, our modification of alimony attorney, is here to meet with you and review your situation along with your ex-spouse’s situation to determine if a modification of alimony is realistic. A common scenario of why alimony modification may be appropriate for you is if an ex-spouse loses his or her job or the once family business suffers a substantial decline in revenues. Another example is if one of the spouses gets a substantial pay increase or decrease.


At the law offices of Hughes Law Group in Tampa and New Port Richey we have worked with numerous individuals who have had a range of alimony issues. We have the experience and practical knowledge you need to get the most from your alimony modification. We are experienced in all types of alimony including: permanent alimony, rehabilitative alimony, durational alimony, temporary alimony, and lump sum alimony. Learn more by contacting Allyson Hughes, our modification of alimony lawyer.