When going through a divorce or paternity action in Florida, your children are your most important assets, and it is extremely important that they are protected to the fullest extent. At Hughes Law Group, Allyson Hughes, our child custody lawyer, is here to help with all aspects of the child custody process including visitation and child support. In Florida, the terms “timesharing,’ and “parenting time” are now the correct terms for how parents share time with their children. We are here to ensure the children‘s best interest is served during the timesharing process. When dealing with a parenting time case there are many factors to take into consideration due to the adjusted statute from October 1st 2008. Some of the major changes in this statute include:

  • The statute gives judges the ability to correct parents that interfere with the other parent’s time with their child
  • There will no longer be a “Primary Residential Parent” and a Secondary Residential Parent.” The term “Custodial Parent” is also abolished
  • The term “Visitation Plan” is no longer applicable. Now, the terms “Parenting Plan” and “Time-Sharing” are used
  • A child’s developmental needs are to be considered
  • The geographical viability of the proposed parenting plan schedule is to be considered

This statute requires a parenting plan for all cases involving a minor. The plan must consist of a detailed description of how each parent plans on sharing the responsibilities of raising the child. When choosing a child custody attorney, parents should look for someone who is experienced in creating these parenting plans to ensure the custody process goes smoothly.


cudtody-2Florida state law will determine parenting time based on the child’s best interests. When working with Hughes Law Group, Attorney Hughes our child parenting time attorney, will fill you in on the many elements and factors that will be taken into consideration, including:

  • How each parent is capable of meeting the child’s developmental needs
  • How each parent’s ability to be involved with medical care, extracurricular activities and schooling
  • The impact of each parent’s routine for the child
  • The ability of the parents to communicate with each other and keep other informed about the child
  • How each parent has encouraged the relationship between the child and the other parent
  • How the anticipated division of parental responsibilities after the litigation, including the involvement of third parties will impact the case will matter
  • The impact of the length of time the child has lived in a stable environment
  • What makes the proposed parenting plan geographically viable
  • What is the impact of any history of domestic violence or sexual violence or alternatively, false allegations of domestic violence
  • How is the health of the child’s parents (moral, physical, mental) factored in

custody-hlg-3If your case ends up going to trial, the above are just a few examples of what the court will look at to determine timesharing. Our firm’s goals are for you to be able to come to an agreement during settlement so you don’t need to go to trial. At Hughes Law Group, we want to make your child timesharing case go as smoothly as possible while minimizing your cost.

If you are looking for an experienced and competent parenting time lawyer who will handle your case, Hughes Law Group in Tampa and New Port Richey has the attorneys for you. Learn more by contacting us about our child timesharing lawyer, Allyson Hughes.