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Assisting with timesharing rights during divorce or paternity actions.
Working to preserve your assets and minimize the financial impact a divorce can have on you and your family.
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About Hughes Law Group

Hughes Law Group is a marital and family law firm which provides family law services statewide. It is our privilege to represent clients from all parts of the United States with cases in Florida.

We will help you navigate the difficult issues of divorce, post-divorce and paternity cases involving parenting time (custody), time sharing (visitation), child support, alimony, complex asset distribution, business valuations, including medical, legal, accounting and other professional practices.

Our clients are business professionals, business owners, professional practice owners, the financially independent, or their spouses.

We will aggressively advocate for your interests and protect your confidences. Our approach is professional, highly assertive, yet sensitive to you. Our mission includes safeguarding meaningful family relationships, promoting amicable settlements of disputes that arise between parties to a marriage and mitigating the potential harm to spouses and children caused by the divorce process. We are seasoned and knowledgeable at trial and equally capable at negotiation.




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